Neo Tango Marathon Arnhem (NL)

17 - 19 May 2024

Flor de Fango & La Neo present

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After the Neotango party in July 2023, we got so many requests to do another one in our lovely place Flor de Fango in Arnhem. So here we are. This time in collaboration with La Neo Amsterdam.

It will be an intimate, vibrant meeting of Neotango lovers in the middle of the beautiful town of Arnhem. We strive to have a balanced event.

We invited top artists from the Neo tango scene to make sure you have an impressive experience.

If you also like to dance an occational tradiotional tango, you could even stay one day longer and enjoy one of Flor de Fango’s outdoor milonga’s. Of course, being the Netherlands, it depends on the weather, but May usually gives its best.


See you in Arnhem. Let’s burn the floor!

Artists - DJ's - VJ's

Volco y Gignoli

DJ Anna Neum

DJane Anna

DJane Mona

DJ Eze

DJane Saskia


DJ Anna Neum

DJ Rob

DJ Jens

VJ Ederson

VJ Andreas

Volco Y Gignoli

In 2013, Sebastian Volco and Pablo Gignoli created the piano and bandoneon duo of modern tango “Volco & Gignoli” with which they made countless tours of Europe (France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Budapest, Poland), United Arab Emirates and the United States. The duo also participated in tours and recordings with Gotan Project founders Muller and Makaroff.

DJ Anna Neum

Since my childhood years I have been into music. From piano classics to a rock band. I fell in love with tango music in 1998, but it took me another 10 years to start dancing.

I love both the Golden era and Neo tango music. My hope is that one day they will live in harmony.

Music flows in me and I flow in music, every set I play is a unique, live story, right there, right now. I love the continious flow of music that takes the dancers through time and a range of emotions.

 I’m in love with process of searching and trying something new, changing, combining it into a stream at the console, feeling the dancers energy… The only frustrating thing is that there are things I really want to dance, but never have an opportunity. So I dance them solo, while mixing.”

VJ Andreas

Andreas Lange is a photo, video and concept artist. He met tango in 2005 and has since been interested in dance and music, both in the so-called traditional field and in alternative concepts. In 2015 he expanded his artistic work to the field of visual live performance. Since then, his live performances can be found at many neotango events in Europe. He takes the mood of the music and the dancers and transforms it live into visual elements. These are created by mixing and changing various graphic elements in real time, and in return this influences positively the dancers. He calls his live performance Visual Dancing. The content he uses comes partly from his exhibitions, created by him especially for Visual Dancing, from artist friends or from publicly available sources. In 2019, he established ultra-widescreen visuals up to image formats of 72:9 in the neotango scene – not every projector now projects the same image content, but a wide image is projected across several projectors. In 2020 and 2021, he created the artistic concept of NeotangoTV and played virtual dance floors with his visuals in more than 300 hours. He also created virtual stages for streamed live concerts by Carlos Libedinsky and Steamed Tango Project.

DJ Mona Isabelle

For 20 years Mona Isabelle is DJ & owner of TANGOLOFT BERLIN, one of the Europe’s largest Tango Clubs, where every weekend she enchants tango dancers from all over the world with her music, energy and the beauty of the romantic room, plenty of candles, flowers and antique furniture.
Internationally, Mona Isabelle is very active, Djing in Festivals and Milongas around Europe and Argentina.
In addition she has been organizing since 12 years the “Contemporary Tango Festival” in Berlin’s Central train station in cooperation together with the contemporary opera house of Berlin.

Also she brings the spirit of Tango to hidden places in Berlin where never have been danced Tango before: Such as Airports, Berlin Clubs, Operahouses, Ships, Prisons and many more…
Always in search of talented contemporary musicians who compose Tango to keep the dance and music alive, she combines the tradition with the modern Tango in her DJ Sets.
Mona Isabelle is resident DJ at the legendary Electronic Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.

DJ Eze

Dancer, teacher, DJ, co-founder of La Neo.

Since a very young age his life has evolved around dancing. Though starting in classical ballet, moving through to modern and contact dance, being an Argetinian almost made it logical to end up in tango.

Through the years Ezequiel experimented and developed in Tango, both in traditional as well as in Neotango. IN 2018 together with Saskia Frankena he founded La Neo, to give a more solid base to Neotango in Europe and the Netherlands.

Ezequiel is an internationally renowned DJ, danser and teacher, both in Europe and in Argentina



VJ Ederson

As house-VJ of La Neo he already showed his talent to bring his extensive background as a danser into the visuals in the room to accompany the dansers.
As an artist Ederson is on the journey to explore new ways to innovate and add extra depth to his work as contemporary dance choreographer, videographer, performer and teacher.
Xavier’s work is underpinned by a musical fascination and chameleon-like perspective.
He is inspired by the sensorial body and the intersection of dance with other disciplines and technology, therefore exploring new insights into choreographic construction. VJing is one extra facet of expression of this multidimensional artists

DJ Saskia

 Neo tango DJ, co-founder and organizer of La Neo Amsterdam and the monthly Flor de Neo in Arnhem and one of the regular DJ’ s on Neotango TV. Organizer of the first Neo tango marathons in Arnhem

I have a strong love for lyrical music, music that tells a story, with some drama, some gloominess and several layers in the music to play with. 

Serving the dancers is what my sets are about, by facilitating music that can carry and ignite that tango connection.

Coming from Contact Improvisation I started dancing tango, wanting to learn Contact Tango, but got bitten by the traditional tango virus. It is a legacy I really honor. But my love for contemporary music and the playfulness of Neotango keeps pulling at me. Therefore my mantra is:

“ Same soul, different sounds”

During the years I played at multiple marathons and neolongas in the Netherlands, Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon (Fr.) Essen, Meissen, Ludwigshafen, Berlin (De).

DJ Rob

Expect all styles of music from different parts of the world, carefully selected and well balanced. Always danceable
DJ Rob, co-founder of Flor de Neo, will surprise you with his music selection. Expect the unexpected.

DJ Jens

Jens Stuller from Berlin mixes well danceable music for neotango by modern tango bands with nontango from folk, pop or jazz. He regularly DJs in Berlin at a neo-milonga at Haus der Sinne on fridays and at an open-air-milonga in a park on sundays. He likes to create a wave on the dancefloor and to surf on it.
Details: http://www.tangospecial.de

Program (for now)

Friday :

20:00 – 02:00 Neolonga


14:00 – 15:30 Workshops (book below)

15:30 – 18:00 Afternoon neolonga

19:00 – 02:00 Night neolonga with concert


14:00 – 15:30 Workshops (book below)

15:30 – 18:00 Afternoon milonga

19:00 – 02:00 Night neolonga with Nocturna

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During the Marathon we will open up our workshops and Afternoon Milonga’s to Neo lovers from outside the Marathon.

Join the workshops and the afternoon Neolonga with International DJ-s.

For participants of the Marathon the Afternoon Neolonga is already included.

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Saturday Workshop: Dancing Neotango in small spaces
By Ezequiel Sanucci & Marleen Michels

We usually hear that to dance neotango “we need space”. But what happens when the neolonga is full of dancers? Can we still dance in an enjoyable way? In this workshop you will learn neotango moves, combinations and possibilities to be used in limited spaces that will be fun, creative and modern. It’s a very useful workshop that will add a new dimension to your neotango dancing.

Sunday Workshop: Soltadas & creative neotango moves
by Ezequiel Sanucci & Marleen Michels

Soltadas means releasing. In this workshop you will learn different kinds of Soltadas with the correct technique to do them and by releasing the embrace while staying in connection with your partner. Soltadas can be used on the spot or in a Giro, and also in combinations with Boleos, Sacadas or other elements. This also opens up many possibilities to do creative movements that will definitely enrich the way you dance Neotango.

Afternoon Neolonga’s

On Saturday DJ Rob, our Flor de Fango house DJ will surprise you with his picks from the 80-90’s.

On Sunday you can enjoy the music by DJ Jens from Berlin.

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