Pop Up Workshop Hilal & Matteo

Voorafgaand aan de Milonga Tradicional geven Hilal & Matteo een workshop. Zij verzorgen tijdens de Milonga nog een optreden!

Tango music is full of nuance. Following the basic beat of a song might be easy, but it’s just the first step. Following the rhythm and the phrasing of a song is not so easy, requiring both dancing and listening skills. Luckily, all tango music has a shared structure which helps you dancing on any song. In this workshop we will work on both listening and movement, to help you follow the rhythmical structure and phrasing of tango music in your dancing.

Docenten: Hilal & Matteo
Thema: Musicality: ”Let’s learn how to dance on the structure of any song”
Niveau: vanaf Gevorderd
Tijd: 19.00 – 20.30 uur

Kosten € 20,- per persoon, € 25, – inclusief Milonga.


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